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How fragile is the multi-touch Infinity Glass of the x220 tablet?

I know it´s quite abstract to ask this... but if anyone has this info, write in percentage.


Gorilla Glass - 100% of resistance

Infinity Glass -  ???% of resistance


The "why" for this dilemma:


Gorilla Glass version:

- sunny places like Brazil (and eventually, parks, huge lines, work events) will fit well to the outdoor view feature (I work with architectural projects and sometimes I must be at the building site to give some advices... often I had to instruct without the roof ready)

- resistance enough against mild levels of clumsiness (drop to the ground, accidental beatups at slim backpacks, etc)

- no fingerprints (I´m a little neurotic with those things)


Infinity Glass version:

- I loved the multi-gesture (tested on Ipad)

- excellent to browse webpages, comics, general images, etc very accessible and quick instead picking the pen every time (this case would be more for pleasure rather for work)

- the real changes of the outdoor screen with this isn´t much far... still possible to look on it at the shade (like on a bus with big windows or just something with enough roof to cover the sun spot) 


The big answer will come depending on how fragile it is... I remember to read some people at forums complaining about how fragile it was and how easily broke with a simple fall. 



Thanks for reading.


ps: if any of you guys have an idea of what suits better me, feel free to write.

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