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Blue Screen Again
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How to make your X61 Tablet touch screen working correctly under Windows 8 (32-bit version)

Here is what I have done for my X61 Tablet (7764CTO) to make the touch screen working properly.


First of all, please make sure that you X61 Tablet screen supports the touch function (finger inputting like that in iPad or iPhone). I know that a high resolution screen does not support touch inputting function.



After updating my system to windows 8 pro, my finger inputing was not functioning well. For instant, it is always 2-3 inches miss match when I try to point somewhere on the screen. I cannot calibrate by using Control Panel==>Tablet PC settings since I cannot correctly reach the calibrating points.


【Actually, I was a Linux user (Ubuntu) but I cannot use my printer in that system and just wanted to give it a try of the new Windows 8 metro.】


I was searching the web but cannot get a solution to fix this problem and therefore I decided to DIY. The solution provided here might not solve your problem. You may, however, give it a try as it is super easy to follow and may just cost you about 5 minutes.


Solution: (All these are following basic trouble shooting steps.)


(1) Update your drivers:

      a. Go to Control Panel==>Device Manager==>Human Interface Devices

      b. Update driver:  ==>Human Interface Devices==>Wacom Penabled Dual Touch by right clicking and choosing "Update Driver Software"

                                      Wacom penabled Dual Touch.jpg


                      Note: If you do not see "Wacom Penabled Dual Touch", you should go find it first. For example, you may want to go to "C:\SWTOOLS\DRIVERS\TOUCH" and install whatever you have in there including the ones in sub-folders.


      c. Update driver:  Monitors==>(whatever name you see under it) by right clicking and choosing "Update Driver Software"

                Wide viewing angle and High desity Flex View display.jpg


             After installing the latest driver, you will be seeing the "Wide viewing angle & High desist FlexView Display 1024*768.


(2) Go to Control Panel==>Tablet PC settings

      Tablet Settings.jpg


      a. Click on "Reset". You will be asked that which one (pen or touch) you want to reset. Just simple go ahead and reset both of them as you do not need to calibrate you pen most of the times.


      b. Click on "Calibrate". Here you want to calibrate your "Touch Input". You should be able to use your finger to calibrate your "Touch Input". However, after calibrating your Touch Input, you still need to use your MOUSE to finish this process since your finger will still off 2-3 inches at this moment.

      c. Till here, you should be able to use your fingers (Say professionally the "Touch Input") on your X61 Tablet.


(3) Enjoy Windows 8 Metro using your fingers!


Please let me know if you have other questions after adopting these process and let's solve any future problems together.


Best LUCK!





Paper Tape
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Re: How to make your X61 Tablet touch screen working correctly under Windows 8 (32-bit version)

please help and give me driver penabled dual touch for lenovo x 61 tablet ...thank before






best regrad


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