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Blue Screen Again
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Integrated Camera Not Recognized



I have a new machine (one month old), X201 Tablet.  The camera has been working with no problems.  I've made no software changes in between the last time it worked and now.


-No applications register the camera.  (Tested on Skype, Google Chat, and Windows Movie Maker)

-The Camera does not appear under in the Device Manager

-The Camera does not appear under BIOS-->I/O Ports

-I have reinstalled the camera driver from this page:  The installation does not complete, it just exits after beginning.


As far as I can tell, now the computer has no idea it has an integrated camera.


Please help, what's going on with this?



Punch Card
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Re: Integrated Camera Not Recognized

I had a similar problem with my camera.

I re-installed the factory default software image and found that the camera was broken.

I contacted support and the camera was replaced a few days later (a 15 minute job).

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