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Intel Turbo Memory

I have a X200 Tablet, 7450 ERG. I am about to upgrade the SSD from the standard 64GB Samsung MLC disk, to an Intel X-25 G2 160GB disk. I have also installed 4GB of RAM inside the computer purchased from Lenovo, but I am looking for a way to improve speed further. The graphical card would have been a pleasure to change, sacrifice some battery time, but I understand this is not possible unfortunatly. However, to increase the speed, I have seen that Intel advertises for their Intel Turbo Memory. Will I be able to benefit from such an upgrade taken the SSD driver and 4GB og RAM of memory installed already, or is Intel Turbo Memory typically made for slower HDD drives? What Intel Turbo Memory to get (preferably as large in GB and speed as possible), and what is the FRU / CRU number so I can find it on IBM / Lenovo's homepage for purchase? Thank you in advance for comments and advices! Kind regards.
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Re: Intel Turbo Memory

Hi oab!


I don't know about the turbo memory. But what improved my tablet was to change to the X-25 G2 SSD, and it will be even quicker when they get the fix on the new ssd firmware.

I bought the tablet with Vista, and have just upgraded to Windows 7. It became a new machine. It is quicker, have better text recognition (even in Norwegian), and much more stabile.

If you bought the machine after June 26, 2009, you can order the Enhanced Experience Win 7 from Lenovo for free. They claimed that the boot time can improve up to 57%.


If you need more than that, I think you bought the wrong machine.


Good luck!



Serial Port
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Re: Intel Turbo Memory

Did you upgrade from the Samsung SSD, or a HDD? The X200T is the best compromize for my use, however I have missed a dedicated graphical card for both my X200T, and my previous X60T. It is dedicated computers, and it is basically only the graphical card they lack to become state of the art.


However, looking at the compromize, and the fact that I upgraded from X60T to X200T, it was because I really enjoy the ThinkPad quality from Lenovo. Since the computer have the option of using Intel Turbo Memory, I am more curious to what performance I can expect best case, since I have already 4GB memory and now upgrading to the Intel X25-G2 160GB too...




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