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Is SIM card slot eval/repair possible at a Lenovo service centre

So, I'd heard of this problem a few months ago, and eventually it hit me as well. In our family, all of us got a couple of numbers (SIM cards) each. So, I had used one SIM card in my Helix (which is not in warranty now) and the SIM was working perfectly. However, we have a pretty solid broadband connection at home and a stand-alone internet connection was somehow never needed (for the Helix). Now, with the 4G (LTE) roll-out, many telecom operators are offering good data schemes, and while I was using one on my cellphone (incidentally, a Lenovo as well) I had this idea (self-destructive, as it proved to be) that I should use it for a bit on the Helix. It worked fine, and I loved the fact that the Helix did not have to depend on any other device (modem/dongle/router) for connecting to the internet. However, I had no inkling about what nightmare was about to begin. I had used my nano-SIM in a micro-SIM adapter (or is it the other way round??) while inserting it into the Helix, and I dont know what happened, but the SIM (and the adapter) felt like it had gotten stuck inside. When I tried to insert again (pressed the SIM inside again) it went inside into the normal position, but now the Helix was not detecting the SIM card. Not wanting to do more damage by my hands, I took it to the Lenovo service centre in the Paragon Phoenix Plaza in Kurla, Mumbai. However, the executive there refused to touch the SIM card unless I agreed (verbally) that any damage to the motherboard would be at my own risk and than any/all repairs would be borne by me (financially). Since I deemed the risk to be not worth it, I came back with the SIM card still stuck in the slot. The next day, I visited a mobile repair shop that our family trusts a lot and told him about the issue. SinceI wanted the Helix to be evaluated at ease, he came over to our place and after examining "the problem" for about 20 mins, he extracted the SIM card with relative ease (without opening the casing at all) and not one tiny scratch on the Helix. I did speak to him about examining the SIM card slot  and repairing, if it was required. However, he had never seen a device like this, so he said that I should try all other options first. So, basically I have gotten the SIM card extracted from the Helix, but I am not too keen to insert a SIM card myself again. As usual, there have been a couple of "friends and family" suggestions that I go to Lamington Road (an area famous in Mumbai for all kinds of computer parts and repairs), but I dont think anyone there would be too experienced in even opening the Helix casing.
So, what I want to know is whether a Lenovo service centre would actually evaluate/examine the sim card slot, and can a SIM card slot be repaired (if there is some damage) without replacing the (entire??) motherboard?? From what I can see and have read, the teeth/pins of the SIM card slot have been bent or even broken (though nothing has dropped from the slot) and logically, I think the slot should be repairable without having to replace the motherboard. I will be talking/chatting to the service executive later in the day, but I am pretty sure they'll say I should take my Helix to nearest service centre and I will have to pay for any cost incurred for evals/repairs. I just want to save on those 2-3 hours of frustation and hope I can get some definitive answer here.

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Re: Is SIM card slot eval/repair possible at a Lenovo service centre

Hi Lovenovo,


Lenovo has service training videos for your machine.  One option could be to show them to your trusted service tech and see if he would be will willing to check your machine with the aid of these videos.


Link to Videos




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