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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Helix - Battery plugged in, charging... but not really?

Okay, so my keyboard dock works fine. I restarted it once (paperclip method) after dying on me, but afterwards nothing was really wrong with it. Now, the tablet's battery is acting funny. At first, I thought it was just my keyboard dock not charging my tablet, so I detatched the keyboard, and the tablet completely shut off. I plugged the AC adapter into the tablet, and it came back to life, but it would not charge at all. The keyboard dock would be at 100%, but the tablet itself would only be at 8%. I have installed the Lenovo Dependency Package thing and the firmware update, but it didn't change anything. Now, even though it says (plugged in, charging) on my tablet, it's not really charging. So, whenever I unplug the tablet or detatch the tablet from the keyboard dock, the system completely turns off because it's only at 8%. Please help me! Thank you! 


EDIT: Okay, so I unplugged the AC adapter while the keyboard dock was on and then Battery #1, the tablet battery, drained down to 0%, and its status is now Plugged in, not charging, while Battery #2 is plugged in, charging. I also got a pop up notification saying there's an error in battery #1, see replacement options. I clicked it, but it was a dead browser link.

Also, when I go to the Support app, it says under messages that my battery is not valid... but I don't know how that happened. 

I've only had my Helix for about 2 months now.

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Re: Lenovo Helix - Battery plugged in, charging... but not really?



Welcome to the forum.   First, have you already updated to latest BIOS and installed this dock firmware update?


Also, could you check the battery health setting as per this tip?


I also assume you read this thread...


Best regards,



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Helix - Battery plugged in, charging... but not really?

Please help - I too have this problem or a very similar one. I have tried the tips suggested and no luck.


I have had my helix for about 3-4 months. all was fine until last week... battery in tablet is not charging and is apparently 'not valid' according to the lenovo support app. Earlier in the week it was possible to use the tablet even though battery level was showing not charging or not present/detected BUT now cant use tablet without powercord. To activate my helix i have to use it seperate to keyboard dock and have it plugged into the mains, before it will even turn on. Notifications change at times either telling me "plugged in, not charging" or "battery is not detected" (taskbar), sometimes pop up notifocation - Lenovo Settings Power tells me "there is a battery error"  - click for replacement optipns".  When I try to connect tablet into keyboard dock no difference = does not turn on, i then have to seperate to gain access to power connecror to plug into mains so i can turn the tablet on.


any thoughts???? any help much appreciated

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Helix - Battery plugged in, charging... but not really?

Yes, both Tablet and Keyboard have the most recent Firmware;


Power Manager 6 shows 1. Tablet Battery: Condition: Error and shows no details, no %.


Battery maintenance says: Always Fully Charge


I also went into Device Manager and deleted Microsoft ACPI-compliant Control Method Battery.

and it repopulated after a reboot.

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