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/Lenoxo x230t help finding rubber latch

So I have the lenovo x230t still under warranty but the left latch thing to the left ofthe tab key fell off and I called and they said its not under warranty, so I am wiling to buy the part and self install but cant find the part anywhere.  Or if anyone can suggest alternate options like glueing something plastic to it im willing to do that to stop the screen from sliding when closed.  Huge design flaw of lenovo



Paper Tape
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Re: /Lenoxo x230t help finding rubber latch

Hi halo - Have you had it sorted? I'm having same problem. Actually mine started from another place - the rubber nub at the right front cornor of the palm rest went off and missing. Because of that the cover started sliding back and forth a little when it was closed, and I'm quite sure it was the reason the latch was broken. Lenovo support did not know what part it was and said they wouldn't cover it anyway. These kind of small defects of Lenovo sometimes really drive me nuts.

Paper Tape
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Re: /Lenoxo x230t help finding rubber latch

I got my rubber bezel repaied as i had the top notch warranty package, however the chap at lenovo let me know of the repar manual pdfs (search online) which list outvtge part numbers of tge replaxable modules on the x230t,

a couple of shops on ebay hokd thesevparts, if your ok with a screwdriver, then you shoukd be able to replace the case


Paper Tape
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Re: /Lenoxo x230t help finding rubber latch

hi, do you have the part number, or a way to find them ???? please !!!!!

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