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Multiple X201T Issues solved - sleep issues, lock issues, multiple monitor / dock issues

Hi, guys.  


Immediately after getting my tablet last summer, I installed Win 7 Enterprise, which our corporation is licensed for as a microsoft SA customer.  Win 7 Enterprise has all the features of Ultimate edition, including Bitlocker, which I needed.  I even restored the machine using disks I got from our Lenovo account manager and had the same problems as the corporate image.  My tablet has the touch screen functionality.


I had the following issues with the tablet, which are now resolved:


Trackpad randomly messing up


The tablet, from day one, needed a new trackpad.  The part took over 4 weeks to arrive, but it did fix the problem once it was replaced.  I tried a billion software solutions (different drivers, tweaks, etc ... ) and blew a lot of time, so if you have this issue, just get your trackpad replaced.


External Monitor didn't work with dock


The solution was to use a displayport to DVI adapter for my Dell 24" monitor.  The Displayport takes so long to sync with the monitor that it thinks it's not getting a signal, and the laptop turns off that display shortly after trying to activate it.  This happens most of the time.  Using a DVI adapter worked great.  I wound up propping up my tablet in portrait mode with a cheap laptop stand from a big box office supply store so I can have OneNote up on the tablet screen all day.



The final two problems were solved with the application of a Windows hotfix:


Thank you RP68



Laptop won't sleep or shut down

At the end of each computing session, I had to shut windows down with a hold of the power button.  This was tremendously disruptive.


Laptop won't lock, won't log out, can't bring up Ctrl-Alt-Del screen


This was awful.  As I sometimes ran programs under network-wide elevated privileges and have a sensitive inbox, it meant I basically had to hold the power down to shut the machine off when I had to go to the bathroom.  



Why No System Update?

Lenovo - the fact that this hotfix did not appear as a required update in Lenovo System Update caused me a lot of grief.  If you have a technical reason why it was only available on the website, I'd like to hear about it.  Otherwise, please do your tablet customers a favor and put this in system update.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the hotfix solved all my most serious issues, despite a description from Microsoft that doesn't seem to match the symptoms.


I'm a happy guy now that all my stuff works.  A bad computer can really make your life hard.




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Re: Multiple X201T Issues solved - sleep issues, lock issues, multiple monitor / dock issues


Thanks for sharing the steps you took to solve the issue, I will drop a comment to the TVSU about this to see if it is possible to implement this moving forward.

Thanks again

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