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Blue Screen Again
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Need some info before purchase of a x200T!

Hey all, 


  I need a bit of info before a actually order a x200 Tablet.  First off I'm a graphic designer and I want the x200T so when im on the go I can do some drawing,note taking, and still have the convertible function..  I still plan on getting a WACOM Intuos 4 for home/work drawing use, so please not comments on "just get this or that". Smiley Happy  


1. What I am wondering is how easy is it to get the x200T screen working with the Wacom drivers for pressure sensitivity?


2.  What is the max lvl of sensitivity, I have herd that with the Wacom drivers is 512lvl.


3.  With the Verizon 3G WWan there is still GPS?  Im starting to travel more so I can use a internal GPS with a pc, IE none cellular, mapping software.


4.  In the realm of drawing and designers, what are its biggest drawbacks in this felid?


Thanks all for ANY and ALL help!


lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: Need some info before purchase of a x200T!

can only answer you question 4, as i am not a Tablet user other than using the X61t for doing some simple work. The GPU on most tablet PC are not that fanatastic compared to the higher power discrete unit, which is expected since heat is the big problem with many GPU. 


Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Need some info before purchase of a x200T!

Very true on the GPU, the x200T has the GMA 4500 HD with is the best Intel Integrated solution.  A gaming bechmark shows it can render Counter Strike source at a playable frame rate, LOL.  But most art related programs are handled by the CPU so its not a big issue.  And yes I know that there are the programs that use nvidia GPU for mussel work, but its a none issue for me;  I wont be rendering massive PSD files or anything, just schetches and concept work.   LOL   Thanks for the input lead_org!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Need some info before purchase of a x200T!

I dont know how fast lenovos product cycle is, but everyone else is starting to put nvidia cards in thier battery life sensitive products. The gma4500s performance doesnt come close to the 9300M. Even on an x200t there can be some drawing lag. If your just skecthing you might want to try a lighter program. If you really want to do graphics on this, id wait till the next iteration. Photoshop isnt much fun on a low res screen unless its like web graphics.


Also, windows 7 will have support for multi touch(1). Lenovo will probably want to support it which would take new hardware.


(1) The real multi touch, being able to use multiple contacts, not Lenovos definition which just means also being able to use a touch screen. Some sites claim that the resistive touch screens (current model) are more durable an the capcitive ones that multi touch would need, but Lenovos is good making anything durable. If your going to use this outside your probably better off with the brighter pen only screen anyway.

Token Ring
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Re: Need some info before purchase of a x200T!

1)  It's pretty easy.  Just download the Wacom enhanced driver here.  This works in Photoshop, GIMP, et. al.


2)  I believe all tablet PCs are listed at 256 levels.  Contrast with 1024 levels on Cintiq and Intuos devices.


3)  I believe so, but I haven't tried it.


4)  The graphics chipset has been covered (although that applies to almost all tablets).  Besides that I suppose the limited resolution and possibility of parallax (where you touch is not necessarily where Windows thinks your pen is) could be downsides.



As a side note, I have an x200 Tablet with the "SuperBright LED" and just love it.  Although, I'm not huge into graphic design so I may not be the best comparison case.

Serial Port
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Re: Need some info before purchase of a x200T!



After installing the tablet driver above, not only did pressure sensitivity NOT work with my 2-finger multitouch screen, it also broke the touch functionality. I had to do a complete wipe and reload of the OS to regain touch functions.



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