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Need to upgrade the internal microphone. Suggestions? How to search? X201-T

I use my X201T in school with Microsoft OneNote, recording lectures while taking notes.  The recording quality of the internal microphone isn't anything to write home about.  Does anyone know if those recorder devices (this link for example: ) can be used as substitutes for the internal microphone? To rephrase that question, can any of them be plugged into a computer for the purpose of being an external microphone (not just for uploading files) so i can upgrade the quality of my recordings through the computer and not sacrifice my ability to have the lectures recorded by microsoft onenote and synced to my notetaking in that program?


If that is not possible, does anyone have recommendations for an external microphone that I can purchase that would increase the quality of recordings (hear a speaker at a greater distance with greater volume capability) of my computer?

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Re: Need to upgrade the internal microphone. Suggestions? How to search? X201-T

I'm certainly no expert where mics are concerned, but it seems that you have a couple of options.  If you get an Olympus style recorder like the one you highlighted, it must support USB output.  This one does and there is even a positive review (on Best Buy) by someone who uses it to record lectures:



Olympus - WS-700M Digital Voice Recorder


If you don't need all the fancy recording features, then you could purchase a USB microphone from

Samson, Marshall, Audio-Technica, Logitech, or even Sony.  There are a lot of them on Amazon and I found a few reviews of USB mics via Google search.  


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