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Fanfold Paper
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New to tablets and Lenovo: a couple of questions

 Hello all,

First I'll say hello to the community. Hello.

I'm new to Lenovo machines, having mostly Dell and HP machines in the past. I am thoroughly impressed with everything about my x201t so far, but I have a couple of questions.

I purchased my x201t in the second hand market at a steep disocunt (under $1k with the 3 year warranty including accidental damage). Mfg. in 8/2010, the battery only had 8 cycles on it. Physically perfect in every way.

When I got the machine it obviously had a 'fresh' install of W7Pro-64, and had no bloat ware or even Lenovo functionality software. No problem, I can outfit it myself. I've reinstalled everything from Lenovo's site that looked relevant, but a couple of issues and unresolved questions. First, I'll post my equipment spec:

Parts shipped with your system  
 Type:  3093-42U [change]   
 Serial #:  xxxxxxxx [change]   
 Mfg part #  FRU part #       Description     Serviceable?   
 0A33230 ... ... YES   
 41R0625 55Y3713 2GB DDR3 1067 LOW HALOGEN YES   
 42T0707 13N7268 12.1 INCH LCD DISPLAY FRU YES   
 42T3638 42T3671 KEYBOARD FRU YES   
 42T4565 42T4658 SANYO 8 CELL BATTERY FRU YES   
 42T5093 0000000 LINE CORD:LINE CORDS NO   
 45N7019 45N7251 TRYS C160 HGST YES   
 45N7250 45N7251 TRYS C160 HGST YES   
 60Y3198 60Y3199 FRU BCM2070 BT NO   
 60Y3230 60Y3231 802.11 ADAPTER FRU YES   
 60Y5199 63Y2082 FRU PLANAR I7-620LM LV TPM YES   
 71Y3514 0000000 COA LABEL:LABELS NO   
 92P1156 42T5282 65 WATT 2 PIN AC ADAPTER FRU YES   

 1) I was told the display was 'multi-touch'. This does not appear to be the case if I have cross referenced the parts from this list. Can someone please clarify, and if I do in fact hve the MT display, please suggest  a trouble shoot or driver to install. It is not a deal breaker for me, but if I have it I'd like to use it. Right now it only responds to pen input.

2) If I read correctly, a BT daughtecard should be inside, but I have not had any luck getting it to fire up, or finding any BT settings. I have DL'ed and installed Bluetotth driver, but it stops saying that no BT device is deteced, and the hardware manager doesn't have one listed. I suppose the next step is to open the hood and see if one is in there or not, unless anyone has another suggestion.

3) I have been using a USB modem to connect to AT&T on my old laptop. Of course, I could use it on the new machine, but I'd like to use the built in device, if one exists. Is the 3G/GSM modem sold seperately, or inside already? I saw the GOBI 2000 for sale, but that looks like it may be an upgrade. I'm not clear on this.


All in all I'm very impressed with the machine. It seems to be very well made, and should provide much better service than the pretty HP DM3-1130us machine I'm giving up. This machine defintely seems like it was made for us road warriors, while my previous HP was more of an attractive fashion accessory. Kep up the good work, Lenovo!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: New to tablets and Lenovo: a couple of questions


Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: New to tablets and Lenovo: a couple of questions


Pen and touch are automatically detected by windows 7.  Control panel, system, about in the middle it will tell you whether you have pen or pen and touch.


Also in control panel, device manager,  make sure your wireless switch is on and look under your network adapters.  If you have bluetooth, it should be listed there.


Also from control panel, run windows update and look at the optional updates, see if there is anything that you might need.


If you don't already have it, download and install Lenovo system update, 4.0.  for windows 7 and run it. That will list available updated drivers and applications for your machine.  You might not want everything.  I use Hotkeys, (fn-f5) turns off wireless and bluetooth, I don't use power manager, but for some things you need the power manager driver.    

When you use system update, download and install each item that you want separately and then reboot and do it again for each one.  Sometimes it doesn't work so well installing everything at once.


You have a nice machine, you should be very happy with it, all business.

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Re: New to tablets and Lenovo: a couple of questions

Hi Pete838,

2. According to support page, your system has Bluetooth, but to activate it, you are required to install the Hotkey features, then reboot your system, thereafter press Fn-F5 to radio on the Bluetooth, once it is detected by Windows, install Bluetooth driver.

3. For WWAN, you have all the antennas in place inside the system, but there is no 3G modem card, you can buy one from lenovo though. Installation instructions can be found in HMM or at Lenovo Service Video's website.


Hope this helps.



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: New to tablets and Lenovo: a couple of questions

Thank you for your replies. I am very happy with the machine, even more so now that I have maxed out the RAM. 


Bluetooth is installed, but would not activate and waas not appearing in the hardware manager. Just about 3 hours before I read the replies to my thread I found how to activate BT inside Access Connections. As soon as I activated it inside Access Connections all of the drivers were installed by Windows. It now seems to work fine. Its almost as if it didn't exist to Windows until it was turned on by A.C.. 


I will definitely be buying the GOBI kit. I am currently using an AT&T USB modem, and seem to be having significant problems getting it to work with this machine. It will only work in one of the 3 USB ports, and even then I have to remove and reinsert it several times before the AT&T utility recognizes it. Giant PITA. I'll be glad to have the integrated device if it works better.


As for the Multi-Touch display, it seems that I do not have that model. The gentleman that sold me the machine was really great about it, though, and offered a partial refund for his unintentional misrepresentation. I did find out that I have 3 years of TPP and a full boat warranty (2 years 8 months remaining), so for $900 I got a hell of a deal. Smiley Happy


Thanks again for the replies and for the helpful links.

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