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No autorotate on X230 Tablet with newest Windows 10

When I updated Windows 10 to the newest Version (Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, Version 1607 Build 14393.82) the autorotate on my Thinkpad X230 Tablet is not working anymore. Using the rotate button the screen rotation changes but there is no screen change when putting the laptop into tablet mode or when rotating the laptop. With the "old" Windows 10 I had no problems with the autorotate function.


I observe the following behaviour/errors:
In the action center the button rotation lock is present, but doesn't change / unlock the rotation (it says it changes but the icon always stays on locked and there is no change).In the device manager the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 is listed under "unknown".

Under "sensors" there were no entries. I added a Simple Device Orientation Sensor" but it didn't change anything. Other sensors all report the error that the driver cannot be started. A windows lcation provider is not availabe.

Using the SensorDiagnosticTablet.diagcab it says that the windows location is turned off and cannot be turned on but in the action center/location the location service is "on".

When I open the Lenovo Airbag Protection, the little laptop is moving according to the external inputs, so there is some detection of the motion.

In the Tablet Shortcut Menu the button for enable autorotate is on and the laptop was calibrated.


I already reinstalled all the drivers from the lenovo site (active protection system, dependencies, settings dependencies, graphics). All the drivers are uptodate.

All the services with sensors or geolocation are running.


I am completely clueless what to try out next to get autorotate working again and would really appreciate some help!