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What's DOS?
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Odd question icon - pen goes nuts in portrait (X201)

I've spent the last couple days googling the daylights out of this and trying to search all these messages. Full update of bios, drivers, etc.


Windows 7 64 bit.


When I switch screen orientation by swiveling the LCD I get this odd questionmark/pen on the screen:



My pen works in landscape mode but the navigation for the pen seems to stay in landscape mode, meaning if I move the pen up, it actually goes to the right. If I move it down it moves left or right. If I try to calibrate the pen the touch screen doesn't register the pen touching it.


This has been driving me buggy, any help much appreciated.

What's DOS?
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Re: Odd question icon - pen goes nuts in portrait (X201)

I don't have the question mark on my display, however I have the same problem with orientation. The pen still works on in landscape mode, regardless the actual screen orientation. Recalibration of the pen didin't help. Actually during the calibration the pen works fine, but just after it swith the axises back.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Odd question icon - pen goes nuts in portrait (X201)

I experience a similar problem - X and Y axes reversed when I go into portrait mode. Pen button no longer works (to right click). The reversal of the axes goes away in landscape mode, but not the non-fuctioning pen button. Calibration of the pen doesn't seem to work in either mode.


I suspect this has something to do with a recent driver update, but who knows. All I know is that I need my tablet for work and am wasting time dealing with crap like this, on top of the idiotic drivers they released that disabled the touchpad and pointer. Extremely frustrating.

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