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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎09-03-2012
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Only one touch point working on X220 tablet touch screen

My X220 tablet comes with pen and limited touch support with 2 touch points. I have no issues on windows 7 but on windows 8.1 it has changed to be working with only 1 touch point since some time that I don't remember exactly when. So that I can work with one finger only and 2-finger functions such as pinch to zoom are unavailable.


My drivers are all uptodate. I think I should completely uninstall the related driver before reinstalling but don't know how to procede and couldn't find the solution.


I tried uninstalling all HIDs through Device manager and one-by-one, specifically wacom device. when I uninstall it, I lose touch option completely. but reinstalling through Device Manager sounds like recovering exactly the previous faulty condition. Maybe there is a conflict with windows 8.1 like Microsoft Input Configuration Device which might be unlikely. 


So is there any other way to have full wipe and clean reinstall of those touch screen drivers? I appreciate it if you put links to the drivers for me, if they are not available on Lenovo Support.


Tell me if you had the same touch issue in Windows 8.1  and how you solved it.



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