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Pen cursor shows up on wrong screen

Hey everybody, I have a bizarre problem with my x61 tablet. It all started when a vista update seem to have conflicted with my tablet drivers. The behavior was that when ever vista would boot/login the tablet components would immediately crash. I searched out these forums and figured I would give the wacom drivers a try since many people were having success with them. So I installed them and rebooted and was VERY excited to find that my tablet components were crashing. So I got my pen out and when it got close to the screen my cursor moved up against the right side of the laptop lcd.  If I moved the pen left and right it didn't move, but if I move up and down the cursor moved up and down the right side of the laptop's lcd. Make sense? So I was kind of bummed about that. Next day I hook my computer up to an external monitor and somebody came in asking me if I had got it working yet. I got my pen out to show him the odd behavior and that's when the pen cursor started showing up on the external lcd instead of my laptops lcd. So what is happening is my tablet pc is sort of behaving like a tablet. How can I assign it to my lcd?
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Re: Pen cursor shows up on wrong screen

I am often experiencing the same problem with the Lenovo original driver. I submitted the bugs to the Lenovo twice and still have not even the confirmation of the error report. It happens expecially when you will dock/undock your and have external screen enabled. Even with all Lenovo buggy software installed you will experience those problems exactly at the moment you want your pen the most. Should you want the external screen to be primary, the problems will just multiply.


Can you please submit the problems to them / contact lenovo as well? It seems they need to be pressed to actually use the extra money they are paid for each laptop, supossedly for their (crappy) customer support.

I am one of the forming (huge) crowd of dissatisfied customers of Lenovo, that next time will buy half price HP/Dell PC and simply replace it once problems happens. So for the same final price (2* 50% = 100% ) still much less trouble.

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