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Fanfold Paper
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Pen flicks not working well - Tablet input flick does not work

I've used pen flicks on my Gateway and they work just fine. That's not true of my X201. In Word, for example, pen flicks work maybe 10% of the time. Touch flicks work almost 100%. When trying the test feature in Windows 7, I almost always get a message saying the swipe was not fast enough, despite almost breaking my wrist. I've set the toggle to the far left, relaxed position and this helps but is definitely not a solution.


At the same time the Tablet Input Flick (a quick left to right toggling swipe) does not work at all.


I've checked and tried just about every combination of settings for both and verified and the functioning on the Gateway to make sure the setting are correct. Still the Gateway work nearly 100% and the X201 works crappy. Considering the X201 is a much newere and more expensive machine this is a really sad state of affairs.  The interesting coincidence is that boh use the same integrated tablet hardware.


Everything is up-to-date, including sp1 Windows 7.  Perhaps some of the added Lenovo bloatware is getting in the way.  Any ideas or have i stumbled on a real bug here?

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Re: Pen flicks not working well - Tablet input flick does not work

The X201 tab does suffer from a bit of lag on the stylus. I've noticed it too on mine. however, my gestures and flicks with the sytlus work far more then 10% of the time.


My personal techninique is to start slightly off the screen, and tap the screen GENTLY as I flick to the side. that  seems to work nearly 100% of the time. really though, it takes practice.


I think it has something to do with the drivers being used and how they kind of sit awkwardly on top of the existing windows

cursor drivers. just my theory, though.


for general gestures, espicially the flick, i usually just use my finger. works perfectly and getting the stylus in and out, or putting it on my lap and dropping it, gets to be a pain in the ass at times.


Hope this Helps,


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