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Registered: ‎07-08-2011
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Pen input does not rotate with screen

X220 tablet running win xp tablet edition. When I press the screen rotation button on the tablet twice to invert the screen, the pen input does not follow, it continues to act as if the screen is not rotated, so it works as if it is mirroring your actions, move the pen to the left and the mouse on the screen goes to the right.   How to fix?

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Re: Pen input does not rotate with screen



Welcome to Lenovo Community


Try this proceedure to restore the expected functionality:


1. Remove all Wacom/Lenovo/Windows (ISD Tablet) touch drivers from through control panel.

    Open the Control Panel --> Programs & Features


2. Run Windows Update - this should install a wacom driver that will restore orientation, but pressure sensitivity may not be working.  If everything is working correctly at this point, stop.  If the pressure sensitivity is not working, proceed to step 3.  As driver version available through Windows may change over time,  step 3 may or may not be needed in the future.


3. Run ThinkVantage System update to install the latest Wacom driver from Lenovo.



Pen orientation in sync and pressure sensitivity should be working correctly at this point.



Hope This Helps