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Paper Tape
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Pen switch assembly purpose


I unfortunately have my pen button broken. It is uncomfortable, but I don't want to buy an other pen.

So my problem was that the pen switch hold the pen in the notebook.

One simple solution was that I get it (the switch) out.

But I wonder why this switch is there.

Is it used for power management, in order to stop power supply for the inductive system when the pen is in ?


ps : Please excuse me for my english, I am not a well english speaker. 

Token Ring
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Re: Pen switch assembly purpose

Are you referring to the small slender button on the side of the pen?   The button I use on the side enables right clicks when the pen clicks on the screen instead of left clicks (by default).    The round top of the pen can be used to erase hand writing.  
Full disclosure: Not a Lenovo employee, just someone with a X61 running Win XP SP2
Paper Tape
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Re: Pen switch assembly purpose


Excuse me, I realize that I was not clear.

When I spoke about 'pen switch', I would say pen switch assembly (FRU 42W2556 or 93P4522).

I debunked that part and so I would want to know if it is important.


In fact, I debunked it because since my pen button (here it is the right click button on the pen) is broken, I have a hole on my pen and when I insert the pen in the tablet, the small strip of the switch (42W2556) enter in the hole, hook on the pen and hold it into the tablet.


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