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Phantom touch on Helix 1st gen after display replacement

2019-02-11, 10:33 AM

Hello Community


I have a ThinkPad Helix (1st Gen) N3Z6CGES running Windows 10. Bought it back in 2013.
Long time i was very happy with the device. Smaller issues, no big deals.

Among others: Some static Windows control buttons burnt into the screen.


Therefore, in September 2017 I decided to give it to a certified dealer, before my ThinkPlus service runs out.

They changed the screen and since the Helix has this new screen, I have the same problem as it is seen in this video:
Lenovo Yoga 3 14 freaking around... [YouTube]

Exept for my phantom touches only occure in the lower corners of the screen. Which doesn't make it any better, though.

Rebooting gives me a break for a few minutes, but then it start again out of nowhere.


Sadly, for some time, after the repair i haven't used the notebook at at all, so I didn't realize there is this problem.

During this time, of course my ThinkPlus Service and the warranty for the device run out. Smiley Sad

But then again I needed my notebook very urgently, saw the problem and didn't have the opportunity to give it to repair again.

I improvised and turned off the touch screen in the Device Manager. I could only use the digitizer, but at least i was able to work with the Helix.


Few days ago there was a Windows update and i noticed that this update resetted my settings in the device manager. I was able to use the touch input completely problem-free again and felt happy like a little child, not knowing how much is missed this comfort!

The problem was gone for exactly one day. Now it is back, stronger than ever and i want this fixed now.

Any idea what i can do about it?

I've heard for the Yoga 13 there was then a BIOS-update which settled the update. There is nothing like that for my Helix.


Pretty sure, it is a hardware defect of the new display, since calibrating the touch input, reinstalling the OS and updating all drives did not work out. Probably it's too late to reclaim the repair, which took place back in Sept. 2017, in't it?

They won't believe me, the problem exists already since then. What do you think?
(Maybe i have another chance,  because the hole for the front-facing camera of the new display is not correctly centered, so the edges of the recorded image is black, which is clearly their fault, not mine Smiley Very Happy)

Thanks ahead for any help


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Re: Phantom touch on Helix 1st gen after display replacement

2019-02-13, 22:34 PM

Usuakky, phantom touches are caused by a defect in the digitizer (glass in the front of the screen).  It can be simply defective or can be caused py physical damage or strain on the screen.  Strain can be caused by an installation problem, like wires behind the panel incorrectly routed.


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