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Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery

Hi all-


I've had my X201T with core i7/2.13GHz, 4GB RAM and 8-cell battery for around 2 months now, and I'm only seeing about 2 hours of battery life before I need to plug-in. I'm running Windows 7 x64 with power options set to "Energy Saver." Is this normal/expected battery life for this configuration?



Darren David

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Re: Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery

That's not very good. My 4 cell battery gets 2.5 - 3 hours with typical use (wifi on, OneNote, firefox, screen backlight set to 9).

My 8 cell battery gets around 6 hours under the same conditions.


Video playback can kill those numbers though.

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Re: Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery

You might want to check the task manager to see if there's any programs hitting the CPU pretty hard. I get about three on my X200t with the four-cell. Two seems kind of low.
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Re: Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery

Way low. I get ~6 hours out of mine. Are you running Power Manager 3? And recent updates through Thinkvantage System Updates? 

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Re: Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery

X201 Tablet
Core i7 620LM
Win 7 Pro x64
Power Manager 3.40 set to power source optimized
Brightness set between 5 and 9
I get around 6 hours for 8 cells battery.

You have to reduce your brightness, turn off your wifi and set the power plan to maximum battery life to get close to the 7.9 hours specification. So, in your case, I think there someting wrong, maybe your battery. If I was you, I would contact Lenovo Support to see what's wrong : your battery or you charging system... Probably your battery and they will change it under one year warranty.

X201 tablet w/ Multitouch, 8-Cell Battery
Core i7 620LM (2.00 GHz) w/ 4 GB DDR3 Memory
Windows 7 Pro 64 bits, HDD 320GB 7200RPM
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Re: Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery

Could somebody suggest a good method of measuring the battery performance? A benchmark whose results could be used as support in requesting warranty service / replacing of the battery.


My spouse got a 3rd party battery to her MacBook and since the first day it lasts over 5 hours in normal use! My X201T's 8-cell battery? 2h 30m in moderate use, 3:52 when reducing backlight, turning off wireless, throttling down the CPU and pretty much just letting the battery drain while doing nothing.

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Re: Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery

I get 4 to 5 hours. 8-cell with and non multitouch and brightness at 10.


I have everything turned to "power save" power manager control panel. However, flashvideos is a battery killer. Without them I get closer to 6-7 hours.

Punch Card
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Re: Poor battery life on new x201T w/ 8-cell battery


X201T?  Isn't the newest model the X220T?


Do you have a _used_ 8 cell battery?

You can check battery health with the Power Manager.


As someone said before, perhaps you should check your CPU usage -- ie: with Task Manager (to start it: ctrl-alt-delete, --> Start Task Manager --> in Task Manager under the "Processes" Tab check the box "Show Processes For All Users".


The CPU will have variable power usage based upon activity.

With the ThankVantage Power Manager, you can check the current power usage of your system in watts.  Mine uses about 8-9 watts when just web surfing.


edit: oh, btw. Do you have any devices in the PCI/SD/Express slots?  Some sort of add on hardware could drain power more quickly than expected.


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