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Power Manager "forgets" brightness settings?

My apologies if this question has been asked before. Searching for this topic generates a lot of hits, and none seemed to be on topic.


The problem I'm having, on a X200T with Windows 7 and Power Manager 3, is that my custom profile does not retain the display brightness settings I have chosen. If I want to temporarily change my display brightness using the Fn-PgUp and Fn-PgDn keys, it seems to consider that new brightness to be the default for that power profile.


For example, let's say I have set the on-battery brightness to 10 in the power manager, then manually change the brightness to 14 using Fn-PgUp, and then plug the laptop into power. When I unplug the power, the brightness will be set to 14 instead of 10. If I then look at the power manager settings, I will find the display brightness when on battery power to be set to 14.


My assumption would have been that the power manager is defining the default settings, and that using Fn-PgUp and Fn-PgDn keys are temporary changes. Am I just misunderstanding what the power manager is expected to do?




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