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Punch Card
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Problem with Writing Pad

I'm loving the new X200 and am working through one function after another; trying to develop some competence before moving on.  After networking, loading applications and playing with everything, I concentrating on getting good with Lenovo's Writing Pad.  But I've got a problem that stops me in my tracks as soon as I get rolling. 


When I fill a line with text, the instructions say that another line should appear and continue to scroll up as I fill additional lines.  But, I have never had a second line appear.  First, I fill the line and run out of room.  Eventually, the text offsets itself enough for me to write another letter ........... then another .......... then another.  After a while, the text jumps to the left and I have the better part of a whole line to work on.  The "pan" arrows at either end of the text line seem to appear and disappear arbitrarily and function inconsistently.  The more I write, the smaller the text gets.  I've gotten it to the point where the letters are illegible.


I've changed all of the distance and pause bars under Options but to no effect.  If this is as good as it gets, the writing pad will be of no use.  Any suggestions?

Serial Port
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Re: Problem with Writing Pad

Not sure if this will help, but is your input panel docked at the bottom of the screen?  I have mine set to "float;" but, when writing, I must ensure that there is room at the bottom for another line to be auto-added. The panel will not raise itself. 



Punch Card
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Re: Problem with Writing Pad



When I read your suggestion I said "Duh!, of Course".  I immediately undocked and started writing.  Unfortunately, no change.  **bleep**.   I was hoping that it would be something that simple.


Any other ideas?



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