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Paper Tape
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Random clicking only when plugged into a charger.



I couldn't find another post with this issue, but I apologize if I missed it.


I have an X220 tablet and recently I've had an issue come up where my computer clicks on different parts of the screen on it's own. I thought it was because I was being too harsh on the screen maybe, but then I realized it wouldn't occur for semi-long periods of time and then "randomly" it would happen very often in a short amount of time. I figured out then that it happens only when it's plugged into a charger, either the portable one or the long one plugged into my docking station.


It isn't really a major issue or anything, but it is a bit of a nuisance when I'm typing and all of a sudden it clicks to a different section in the type space (such as this text box right now).


Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Random clicking only when plugged into a charger.

hey tippmannry98,

welcome to the forums.

i suggest heading to >> and update your unit's drivers.

at the same time, uninstall the power manager for your unit and see if that makes any difference.

also check and see if the error occurs if you have the power supply connected but the battery pack is not attached.

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Re: Random clicking only when plugged into a charger.

@Serge, you sound like you may have an idea what could be causing this. Could you share your thoughts? My system drivers are all up to date, but haven't installed the power manager.


My 'symptoms'

- it does not happen when the AC is disconnected

- it does happen with AC plugged in, whether the battery is present or not

- the frequency of the problem depends on what is on the screen


Examples: it happens very often in fullscreen YouTube video play, pretty often with just the default Win7 desktop showing or the Win7 logon screen up, but not at all e.g. while this forum page or the Chrome 'new tab' page is up.  Simple solution: stop wasting time watching videos or staring at the desktop. Still, I'd like a more general solution.


It kind of feels like one of three components is not up to spec, either being too sensitive or being too noisy, but how to track thta down? Candidates: the actual touch screen or related electronics, the graphics chip, or maybe the power conditioning. Any tips would be appreciated. 







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Re: Random clicking only when plugged into a charger.

Same issue here. Brand new X220. Original charger produces no problem, but old chargers from previous computers (same voltage specifications) produce some annoying random clicking on the screen.


I don't know if this can be fixed via software, but it seems to be hardware related (charger).


- Angel

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Random clicking only when plugged into a charger.

Hi ,


I had the same issue on a X220T, it was more when the RJ45 cable was plugged in for my case. Is it clicking in square on the screen ? I have restaged the PC about 3 times tried every antivirus possible and at the end I called the support to change the Motherboard, they did it and now its back to normal !

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Re: Random clicking only when plugged into a charger.

Same here, finally got this resolved with a motherboard replacement.

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