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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎07-28-2012
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Random tapping/clicking on X220t screen when finger is moist

I've had my X220t for almost 3 years now; the screen works fine with touch when my fingers are completely dry; however, it goes "crazy" when I touch it with my moist/slightly-sweaty fingers. The screen will usually register swipes as a series of multiple taps, and then have random tapping actions on those places that I have left a mark with my finger. I admit that I have slightly sweatier fingers than most of my friends, but all the touchscreen phones I have owned have no problem with my finger gestures.


I have sent the laptop back for servicing and they replaced the motherboard for me, but no improvements. When I returned to the support office, the technician who checked my laptop had very dry hands; so the screen, after being cleaned by alcohol wipe, worked without any problem in his hands. However, when I handled the computer, the screen went crazy again. As a result, the technician concluded that it was not a hardware issue and made no further servicing.


However, I am still annoyed by the random tapping that goes on all the time. Wiping the screen every two or three minutes is just not feasible; moreover, if all the touchscreen phones I have owned to date do not have touch problems with my sweaty fingers, why is the laptop monitor doing what it does?


Now that my warrenty is expiring in two months, I thought I'd bring this question up again and see if there's anything I can do to solve this problem before it costs me a bomb to fix it.


p.s. The problem persisted through my windows 7 x64 bit system to windows 8 x64 bit to windows 8.1, so it is definitely not a software issue.

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