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There are two versions of the USB Hub Controller Chip in the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix and there are specific versions of the USB Hub Controller firmware update for each.   Applying the wrong version will lead to unexpected results and errors.  If you have been unable to successfully install the update, please follow the guidance below:


To verify which version of the firmware is required, perform the following steps:


  • Open Device Manager
  • Open Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  • Open Generic Superspeed USB Hub
  • Select Details
  • Select Hardware ID:

     - If REV_92xx, the USB Hub is GL3520-OVY21

     - If REV_90xx, the USB Hub is GL3520-OVG10


Download and apply the correct firmware version based upon USB Hub revision number.






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I am curious if this resolve my current USB issue in general.  I plug in a device and it works fine.  I unplug it and then later in the day plug it back in and the device is not recognized.  I reboot and sometimes it finds the device and other times it does not.  Is there a solution for this anywhere?