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Seriously? 1 week out of warrenty, pen goes bad, latch breaks, bluetooth doesnt detect anything?

2009-10-01, 18:36 PM

Hi all,

I've had my X61T 7763 for a year now, loved it thus far. Warranty ran out less than 2 weeks ago, and 3 problems have popped up since. One, the pen is stuck in the computer. Based on research I know the grey button popped out; luckily, I found it so am going to remove the C screws o get to it. How do I make sure the grey button doesnt pop out again? Are there any aftermarket pens which work on the comp and fit in the slot?

Two is the Latch. The latch doesnt really loock it; it pops out and clicks in but doesnt stay. Ideas/tips?

Three; the bluetooth cannot detect any other devices, and when a decice asks to connect it has no option to fill in a passcode so it never goes through. It can recieve files perfectly but never find any to send to. Checked all permissions and visibilities with many diff devices. Any ideas?


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Re: Seriously? 1 week out of warrenty, pen goes bad, latch breaks, bluetooth doesnt detect anything?

2009-10-01, 21:54 PM



Well,  why don't you send me your contact information in a PM along with your system serial number and I'll be happy to look into this and see what can be done.


It sure seems bad luck that this happened to you just now...


(1) The pen issue may be best solved by replacing the pen unless the latch mechanism inside has become fouled somehow.  


(2) The lid latch... does the lid wobble or slide side to side when closed?  Without seeing this first hand, it is difficult to diagnose, but you can carefully inspect both sides of the push through latch mechanism and see if one side or the other is worn.  Does it do the same thing in both normal lid closed and tablet mode? 


If not, then I might suspect the tab in the lid (the double-ended push through piece) might need to be replaced.


If it does the same thing in both modes, the look down into the pocket in the palm rest.  Can you see the hook on the right side that is retracted when you work the release slide on the front edge of the machine?  Is the tip of the hook broken off?   If the lid slides side to side as I asked earlier, see of you can see a tab sticking up in the center of the slot in the palmrest - it is part of the bottom magnessium cover and is strong but can be brittle of the edge of the lid is struck solidly while closed.  If this shears off, the latch tab won't stay centered and the latch hook won't hold securely.  In such a case, a new bottom cover is required to resolve.


(3) On the bluetooth...I'm not sure I understand you.  You say it doesn't work, saying it won't detect devices, but then it sounds as though it does because it moves on to passocdes?  Then you mention that it receives fine, but won't send, which again suggests some functionality, but certainly not proper operation.   I'm going to shoot from the hip and guess software...  Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the related drivers?


Perhaps other members will have some specific thoughts on the bluetooth issue.


I'll look for your PM and your findings after inspecting your latch mechanism carefully...





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