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What's DOS?
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The hidden partition



I have a X201 ThinkPad.

Its HD has tow partitions. One used for C, the another one (about 3GB +) not assigned the driver letter.


If I format the whole drive, wipe out all the patitions and install the new OS, will there be any problem?


Thanks for any help.


Paper Tape
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Re: The hidden partition

I hold a x200t, which main change involves only CPU type.

If you have Win7 Pro, pre-installed you should have three partitions. Two of them hidden: one for the boot files (yes, now W7 wants a single partion just to boot, and Lenovo has extended it further, from 100Mb to over 1.x GB). The other is for recovery-backup purposes, with Lenovo Thinkvantage software.


Keep in mind that sometimes (not in my case, but I read otherwise in others) diskmngmt utility does not show the first partition. In particular does not show that the partition is still there when you attempt to delete it. In fact it shrinks, but  the standard method of deletion does not make it disappear. Microsoft uses for it a different System table, etc, so it is not a standard partition.


If you have WinTabletPC you will have just one hidden partition: the one for recovery-backup.


You may delete and reformat the whole drive, but be careful to check what happens to  the first hidden partition (if you have it). You may check this using more then one disk management utility, not just  the MS one. Some utilities let you think that it is no longer there, while it is (often of just 1Mb).


Then you need an Original MS DVD W7 installer. You should start with the HDD  which shows already a partition formatted. Otherwise W7, will re-create the first hidden partition. This time though of 100Mb only. Then you need to install the basic drivers, for X201 machine. They are downloadable from Lenovo/Support


Good luck!


Token Ring
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Re: The hidden partition

I would have assumed that the hidden partition is the recovery partition that enables a factory reset although it is not assigned a drive letter, the system can use it in case of an Operating system failure via a pre defined F?? key during bootup.


You might want to make some recovery CD's before you decide to blow that hidden partition away just in case



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