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I found that as long as the laptop is not connected to the power supply, it has only 800mhz speed. For about an hour it was maximum till 63 degree celsius temp, and 800mhz after.


The problem is that now it is always at 800mhz which is not enough to scroll a big webpage for me.


The only possibility to change it is to set in BIOS "Intel Speedstep" disabled and power profile for battery - max perfomance, then the speed will be at 1700mhz and not changing.


Regardless the type of power plan set in BIOS  and Windows Power Options, if Intel speedstep is turned on, the CPU speed is always at 800mhz when unplugged (with or without dock)


I tried many ways like below but they don't help:

  • Reinstalling Windows 8
  • Resetting BIOS
  • Resetting tablet and dock with button 


Suggestions below could be the solution to the stuck CPU speed issue that occured after docking the system while connected to AC.


After our enginerring analysis and engineering Lenovo released a BIOS 1.16 that spefically addresses this issue. Please update your BIOS to the latest (version 1.16 or above).


The BIOS update can be retireved from the Lenovo Support site:


Fix log:

Version 1.16
 UEFI: 1.16 / ECP: 1.19

  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the CPU frequency might be stuck at 800MHz.


After updating the BIOS, some users have recommended going into BIOS and selecting the option to reload BIOS defaults, then save and exit.  In some cases this was required to ensure optimal system performance.


  1. Enter BIOS
  2. Press F9 to reload BIOS defaults
  3. Then F10 to save and exit
  4. Reboot after updating to BIOS 1.16

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Hi together,


Similiar problem here with the Y50-70:


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