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ThinkVantage + R&R questions - (X200 Tablet) Vista upgraded to Windows-7

Hi, harddisk usage problems on backup and restore as this is so important after a new OS has been upgraded.


The case:

1. Re-installed a clean Vista to the X-200 Tablet before upgrading the PC to Windows 7, hoping that the new Windows-7 would be clean & more robust rather than working with a lot of old Vista applications and files.


2.  Installed Office Enterprise for testing basic keys and button functions with Windows 7.


3. Went to Control panel and clicked "Backup and Restore" to do a manual backup just in case the system crashes as we have to separately install a lot of drivers (good luck)  to the machine under the new Windows 7 (this is a problem prone operation) to make the control and buttons work again.


4.  There are three drive partitions in all after the upgrade (the harddisk has a virgin 300GB total space) :-   


     (a)  SW_Preload C: used - 56.4GB (only Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Enterprise installed)

                                          free - 220GB

                                          Total - 277GB


     (b)  Lenovo (QSmiley Happy  :    used - 5.1GB

                                         free:  14.3GB

                                         total: 19.5GB


    (c)  ServiceV003:     used - 1.08GB

                                         free -   388MB

                                         total - 1.46GB


5.  Also tried the "Create a system image"  function asked for 56GB space in order to proceed which is out of this world to continue.  What drive to use?




(I have exhausted Lenovo's support site already and couldn't find solutions.


1.  What is the function of the Blue ThinkVantage button on the machine after the upgrade and how do we use it?


2.  What are the two other partitions used for and when do we use it?


3.  Why a basic Windows7 plus the Office suite take up so much space (56GB)?


4. The system is looking for 56GB of storage to proceed, therefore it always respond with insufficient memory to do a backup on the same harddisk, what should we do?


5.  For all of us who has upgraded to Windows 7, Lenovo does not give us any hints on how the NEW system does a Resue & Restore , where can we get something to read?? 







R&R is so important for everyone of us to be able to do it before we keep installing new applications - the system can crash at any time which means a nightmare to every user.


Many use the X200 for business purposes which is life or death situations, unless we can do R&R with the ThinkVantage button or we are in serious troubles.  It is time for Lenovo to justify on their high selling price of the X200.  Fair deal?


Would the Lenovo Moderators here kindly forward my questions to the Lenovo's technical support guys please as I don't think the questions I raised would easily get responses from forum members and should NOT be asking customers for experiemental answers.  Lenovo should take ACTIVE measures to respond rather than letting us running around empty headed, please, please. 

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