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Thinkpad Helix Fan Replacement Problems

Hi Guys,


The fan on my laptop had been making an insane amount of noise and the computer had been overheating and shutting down for quite some time.  So finally I took the liberty to order a replacement part from Ebay.  The disassembly was a breeze, the part fit in perfectly and reassembly wasn't bad either. 


But when I tried to power up, the fan would spin for a few seconds and then shut down, nothing on the screen.   So by process of elimination, I figured out that if I left the cable connecting the bottom accessories to the motherboard disconnected, it worked fine.  Fan is spinning correctly, no overheating issues.  Of course that leaves with no functioning docstation essentially.  I cannot use the speakers, USB or even the power source from the docking station.  


Any ideas here?  Is there a specific pattern that I am supposed to reconnect the cables?  I am attaching a picture with the cable circled in red just for references.  Thanks!

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