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Thinkpad Helix Loud Fan And Heat

I recently purchased Thinkpad Helix (3702-3L0). Initially Windows automatically downloaded and updated itself and later I updated all Lenovo drivers.


During this process I found following prpblems


1) Loud Fan: The fan is very loud even at very minimal load.


2) Hot Display: The top right, where Thinkpad Symbol is present, was so hot that I felt my hand was burning. Theis burning sensation lasted for very long time.


The Windows updates and Lenovo driver updates lasted for some time. At the end of everything, the top right side of display was extremely hot where as left side of display was normal temperature.


I waited for some time before next restart so that Helix can  cool down. When I logged in next time, the loud fan  and heating of top right display panel occured immediately. Even under normal web surfing, the display panel become so hot that I could not hold it any longer. I can not use this machine in my meetings as it is very loud.


I read various post on this topic and most of these post suggested following things

1) Update BIOS - which I did

2) Keep the processor speed at somewhat lower lever: I did this also

3) Use TPFanControl: I am not so sure about this as it controls only Fan speed but what about heating problem.


Apart from these problems, I also found huge led backlight bleeding during booting. I was little surprise with this.


Can any one suggest any solutions to these problems?

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Re: Thinkpad Helix Loud Fan And Heat

Yeah, I have the 3701 and have experienced all of the same issues.

It gets really hot in tablet mode in the top right corner near the fan outlet... not as bad in laptop mode... All drivers updated, bios updated...


Significant light bleed on black screens.


I think that's just 'how they are'....


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Re: Thinkpad Helix Loud Fan And Heat



This app fixes the fan noise @ .  Hope it works for you like it worked brilliantly for me!?

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Re: Thinkpad Helix Loud Fan And Heat

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Re: Thinkpad Helix Loud Fan And Heat

So did you work it out after all? I often reach 70 degrees 'C with moderate use.

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