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Thinkpad X60T Battery Firmware update

I bought 2 batteries original Lenovo 4.4Ah for the tablet on ebay. The battery was sell as new.

When I try to charge it just blink ornage and no charge. The seller refuse to take back the battery telling the price was low take as it is. He said all other batteries he sell where ok however this was the last one they sell and they where few years old. Then I did open the battery case and mesure the voltage all batteries was zero. I decide to charge evey single cell wit USB charger and a resistor. I was able to charge all the cell to 3.5-3.6V with a total voltage of 14V. However the pin of the battery show 0V. After reading on web I find out that the firmware is in Ram and consume some power. The for such long period of time drain the battery to 0V, very good design.... to sell battery. With no more power since it is ram the firmware is gone.

In any case, I am afraid to buy new battery to get same problem since it is old computer. I have found that there is a lenovo utility for firmware utility but my computer is not in the list. Can I try or there is another solution. Only solution out of firmware update is buy a used working battery and replace with the one I have taking care to keep power during replacement (this is quite touchy). I thought may be to use a similar battery as Thinkpad X61 and just change the case. Maybe there is another third part solution. I hope this information and my experience could be also helpfull to remember others to charge your battery once in a while if you dont want to loose it. Thank for you reply

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