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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad x230t - screen stop working / freezing


My issue is that my Thinkpad x230t screen is somethimes just freez. More accuratly maybe will be to say as it seems like someone put a gray or sometimes black box on the screen. Sometimes you can see few lines on pixel from the screen and if i press the winkey over and over i can see something happen, and sometimes everything is just grey or black. 


Basiclly i have a docking station so i can say the following:

1a) when this happens and i connect it to external monitor - everything works fine. So i guess its not the GPU.

1b) Also i guess it is not a program issue.

2) Lenovo test program doesnt detect any issue.

3)The issue seems to randomaly appear. Also the time the screen freezing is randomanly. It can be 5 sec or 5 min. 


Anyone had something similar?

I thought maybe this is the cable, but than i would expect that if i move the screen i will see a response.


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Re: Thinkpad x230t - screen stop working / freezing

The cable is unlikely.  I would first do a memory test.  I tend to use memtest86+ but any of them would work.  You have integrated graphics, so there is no separate GPU, but there are still separate connections to the LCD and external monitor.  Are you always running the same software when it crashes?  Can you update the graphics driver?


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What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad x230t - screen stop working / freezing

Hi Richk, Thank for the answer.

The memory test i have previusly done was through the lenovo software and it was all ok (actually all the tests there were ok).
Regarding to your question, so i havent noticed any specific loads/software i am running when this happens. In seems very randomaly.

Back to the memory, so basiclly i bought the computer with 4GB and extended it to 12GB. I am usully working with alot of windows open and rarely restart the computer. However even if it happens and i restart the computer the issue can just start all over agian. Also usually in a work day it happen few time - my solution so far is to wait untill it passes and continue working.

I did made all lenovo updates with the lenovo software, so i guess my graphic driver is updated.

It seems you assume it is a software issue?

Thanks again.

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