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Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory

Important note: The symptoms and solutions described below address only a small subset of the possible causes for blue screen errors, aka BSOD. This information can help address blue screen errors specifically related to Turbo Memory, but may not solve errors related to other issues. Please read through the instructions completely, make sure they apply to your system, and after attempting the solutions please post back with your feedback for the community.

Some users may experience random blue screen errors with ThinkPad systems running Windows Vista with Intel Turbo Memory hardware. These blue screens may occur during normal usage on the system or they may occur when booting into Windows Vista. Blue screens related to the Intel Turbo Memory hardware may reference a stop code of 8086 with memory address locations of {0, 0, 0, 0}.

There are two main steps that you can take to help resolve blue screen issues related to Intel Turbo Memory.

Step 1: Update Intel Turbo Memory Driver

If the driver version is before version, please update to this version.

To determine what version of the Intel Turbo Memory driver is installed:

1.    Click Start, then click Control Panel.
2.    Click System and Maintenance.
3.    Click System.
4.    Click Device Manager.
5.    Expand the Storage controllers category.
6.    Double-click Intel Flash Cache Logic Chip.
7.    Click the Driver tab. Then you will see the driver version (for example,

The new driver and installation instructions can be found here.

Note: The Intel Matrix Storage Driver is updated with this package.

Step 2: BIOS version

If your BIOS version is older than those listed below, please update to the version listed.

How to check your BIOS version:
  1. Turn off the system.
  2. Turn on the system.
  3. While the To interrupt normal startup, press the blue ThinkVantage button message is displayed at the lower-left area of the screen, press the F1 key.
  4. The BIOS Setup Utility menu will be displayed. If you have set a supervisor password, the BIOS Setup Utility menu appears after you enter the password.
  5. Check BIOS Version and Embedded Controller Version.
  6. Turn off the system.
System BIOS versions:

ThinkPad X61 Tablet - BIOS version 1.04 (7SET18WW)

Please remember that these updates do not solve every possible system blue screen, but they do resolve several problems related to the Intel Turbo Memory driver.
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Intel Turbo Memory Problems

Hey guys,
Yesterday I got a BSOD when trying to boot from hibernation.  It dumped the physical memory and I thought it would restart and boot just fine; it didn't.  It tried to reboot but gave me an error message saying that the "iaNvStor.sys" file was the culprit.  I also received some intel messages while trying to boot that said stuff like "hardware not responding" and "check cable" (not in those exact words).  Anyway I found a post on that addressed this particular problem.  See link:
Long story short, I got my pc to boot through the help of multiple forums and tuts (basically I did what they said on the forum above but I had to find a way to make a vista install cd boot from a jumpdrive since I don't have a disc drive), but I am worried that I won't have complete use of my Turbo Memory.  I am still considering doing a fresh install of Vista and the required lenovo drivers but I also want the most up to date Turbo Memory drivers and from the looks of the above forum they are still working out the bugs in the turbo memory boot stuff.  If you guys have had any similar problems or can get more up to date info on the Turbo Memory and Vista I would be really interested in what you know, especially those of you that have extensive knowledge of the new intel mobos and cpu's.  Again any response is greatly appreciated.
P.S.- I see that this problem is addressed and stickied at the top of the forum, oops!  But I believe that I have the newer driver version.  So, sorry for the double post, but I would still like to know more if anyone knows anything.

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Re: Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory

Just wanted to comment on the Turbo Memory once more.  I checked and I do have the (5/4/2007) dirver, but I still received a BSOD.  Also, I checked to see exactly what the Intel display during boot says; as follows:
Intel Boot Agent V1.2.45
PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
I also looked on the Intel support page under turbo memory and the new driver is available (11/2/2007).  I don't know if I should install it and try to let the machine boot off the chip or if I should just rename the driver file I changed back to the original "iaNvStor.sys" and see if it will boot first.  The Intel Boot Agent message isn't comforting either.  I may just wait it out because I'm in the middle of the semester at school and I need the laptop to finish.  Anyway, just wanted to update the post and if I find that something was wrong with my machine besides just driver issues, then I will post a reply.
Lenovo X61t: 7764CTO
Intel Core 2: L7700 1.8 ghz
4.00 GB of DDR2 Ram
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Re: Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory

I want to update the Bios [7SET18WW (1.04)] on my X61 Tablet [Vista Business 64, 4Gb, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU L7500 1.6Ghz Turbo] with Docking Station Ultrabay.

However, under the explanations for BIOS update utility - ThinkPad X61 Tablet it says:
"(*1) If Windows Vista 64-bit is already installed on your system, then you must use the bootable CD ISO format of this BIOS update."

When we follow this latter link, under "note" in the "Prepare the boot device" section, it says:
"The System Program Service Utility bootable CD supports only the ThinkPad Ultrabay Optical Disc Drive in the ThinkPad Ultrabay. (Not in the Docking Station Ultrabay)."

How can I update then? My X61 Tablet has Vista64 and I should therefore use the bootable CD but since my X61 Tablet does not have the Ultrabay Optical Disc Drive but rather the Docking Station Ultrabay, I can't...
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Intel Turbo Memory is awful

Just bought a brand new X61 tablet and TurboMemory is awful. Out-of-the-box, ReadyDrive was disabled, but ReadyBoost was enabled in the TM console, and everything ran fine. Then I applied the latest batch of Lenovo updates (new TurboMemory driver, Matrix Storage driver, latest BIOS--7SET33WW) from the system updater, and Vista started locking up after about 10 minutes of use from that point forward. It would run beautifully, then suddenly disk activity would cease completely. The mouse would still move until I clicked or right-clicked enough times, then eventually the whole system would freeze.


After wasting an entire Saturday first making system restore CDs (thanks for the terrible labelling leaving me clueless as the what OS was on the included CDs, Lenovo!) and then reinstalling everything from scratch, only to have the exact same thing happen again. I finally narrowed it down to the fact that after installing the updated TurboMemory driver from either the Lenovo system update tool or Intel's site, It DISABLES ReadyBoost, and ENABLES ReadyDrive. Changing it back to the out-of-box configuration caused all locks up to cease. Either ReadyDrive or TurboMemory are architecturally flawed for this to happen on brand new hardware after installing the latest drivers.


Unrelated, but my system also locks up hard after properly ejecting from the X6 docking station, rending the station useless. I'm probably going to return the whole thing and just call it a learning experience about Lenovo, but I'm going to start a new thread and see what I can find about fixing the docking station. I've learned that I love the new Vista tablet features, but the terrible drivers from manufacturers like Intel and Lenovo are pretty awful so far.


Terrified about what's next,



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Re: Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory

For what it's worth, my X61T fully upgraded to latest drivers etc - and with ReadyDrive and Readyboost disabled does periodic BSODs - once a week or so - I think it just wants to be noticed..... no predictability as to what causes it - frustrating.
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Re: Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory



My problem is that I have owned the X61 Tablet for just over a week. I am not able to get anything other than the following:


- A black screen with a mouse "pointer" with no other operability.

- A Lenovo "recovery Screen of some sort that also has zero operability.

- The Windows Vista "loading" bar which churns forever or turns into the black screen of zero operability.


I have tried booting the laptop up in both "Lenovo Safe" and/or regular mode but receive the above screens regardless.


Any input would be appreciated.


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Re: Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory

Started having this problem a few days ago and traced it back to recent bios update (2.19). The problem went away after rolling it back.


Hope this info saves someone else the half day it took me...

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Re: Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory



My personal experience is always found BSOD or the screen keep freezing, zero operability after move or shake laptop. So I guess there is something wrong with hard disk and try to turn off "Thinkvantage active protection system", the application which can avoid damage from your hard disk if too big vibration suddenly. Luckily, I didn't meet BSOD from that time. For your reference.

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Re: Tips for blue screen (BSOD) errors with Windows Vista and Intel Turbo Memory

I am also getting the BSOD whenever my tablet restores from sleep or hibernation. Running Windbg on the core dump file indicates the problem is in ianvstor.sys. I have updated the BIOS to the latest version. I installed the latest version of the turbo memory driver I found on the Intel site, but I still get the error. I tried updating with the ITM installer found on the Lenovo downloads site, but it doesn't appear to contain a necessary executable (see my other thread on that question).


This is really obnoxious and I'm not sure what else to do to get it working correctly. Any advice would be appreciated.

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