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Totally Frustrated NEW lenovo 'Customer'

2008-02-08, 15:58 PM
I am a recent Lenovo customer. I have bought several laptops, notebooks and desktops for my home. From HP, IBM, Dell and Apple. A total of 11 in the last 3 years or so.
This is the first time I purchased for my business a Lenovo x61s. I was very excited at the versatility, small footprint and light weight of the unit. It arrived 13 days after I had ordered it.
It would not connect to my network. I have Comcast Cable. Have the capability to connect 5 units at the same time. There are today only two other computers on the network.
I called the Comcat people. They felt after an hour on the phone with them within minutes of receiving my x61s that the configuration pre-loaded on the unit was likely to be the problem. I called Lenovo. This guy kept me on the phone 3.5 hours. Could not resolve it. Told me to wipe out all the software and recover the entire system. I told him I would not do that as it would then wipe out pre-loaded MS Office (pre-loaded by Lenovo, paid for by moi). He said I could re-load it. True, but to minimize weight I did not order a cd drive. He said to go buy one! I then spent another 5 hours with incredibly polite and infuriatingly unhelpful people that kept telling me they have made a mistake, my four year extended warranty is not properly boarded and they are very sorry but no one can help me for five days. That is what it will take for them to board my warranty! In the meantime, no one will help me with returning the computer. It cannot be done for 21 days after the receipt!
A giant runaround! I have now spent 36 hours for a simple task of connecting to a cable network!! And, I have all the information: network wep key, all the passwords etc since I have successfully connected within a minute of booting up the computer, to my network 11 computers in 3 years! Just that none of them were Lenovo.
I finally called American Express to dispute the charge!
Absolutely totally polite, typical indian call center, and totally unhelpful! As a business person with a new company to run, a lot of travel, and dependence on a laptop, I was truly looking forward to a mainstream computer that was lightweight. I guess I will just have to let others experience the joys of lenovo ownership. After spending 2100 USD I expect the darn thing to connect to the network without all this hassle. Without that, the rest is interesting but useless!
This will be my first and definitely the last encounter with Lenovo!
Sunil Antani

Message Edited by Santani on 02-08-2008 11:16 AM

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Re: Totally Frustrated NEW lenovo 'Customer'

2008-02-08, 16:39 PM
Welcome to the forum.    I'd like to help you get your troubles resolved...
First,  could you send me a PM with your sales order number - the one that starts with "2Cxxxx" and any service case number you might have from calling for help?  I'd like to get service and support engaged to address your trouble.
You raised some interesting points about returns and extended warranty, and I would like to clarify those to help you, and others who may read your account. 
1) Product returns are allowable within the first 21 days - you do not have to wait 21 days to request a return.   
    (Please be aware that restocking fees do apply as per the purchase terms unless in case  of Lenovo fault)
2) If you purchased a 4 year upgraded or extended warranty, it is possible that it could take several days for that coverage to be applied to your system, however you are still entitled to warranty assistance immediately under the standard terms that came with your system.  You should not have to wait 5 days to get help.
3) Support should be able to help you ensure the wireless card is functional and working properly.  It should be able to "see" your wireless access point. 

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Re: Totally Frustrated NEW lenovo 'Customer'

2008-02-17, 13:07 PM
It happens a lot and I think the problem is somewhere between the wireless card driver/application and the ThankVantage access connection software.

If you have Intel PRO/Wireless card, it might help to get rid of the pre-load wireless driver, ThankVantage access connection software, reboot the computer, install the driver/application from Intel PRO/Wireless website (you have to be administrator to do all that) and see if it connects to the router after you type in the correct encryption code.

Just my .02.

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Re: Totally Frustrated Lenovo 'Customer and Reseller"

2010-08-07, 6:10 AM
Merged with active and existing thread.

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