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Punch Card
Posts: 34
Registered: ‎09-15-2009
Location: Switzerland
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Accepted Solution

Trackpoint gone...

[ Edited ]

I did the usual "Windows update" this morning. After the installation had completed I noticed that my Trackpoint has "disappeared"! There is no reaction whatsoever when pressing the red dot and I can't control the mouse with it any more. I then checked in the control panel (no trace) and then had to learn, that it doesn't even exist in the device manager, either. I then rebooted, no change. I then even powered off and reboot from power off again, still no trackpoint!


And after I downloaded the trackpoint driver from the Lenovo drivers download site and wanted to (re-)install the driver, I got an error message "this driver can not be installed on non-trackpoint systems". ?!? What? What the %@$@#*%?  Where has my trackpoint gone??? How come, that it has completely disappeared? How do I get this thing working again?


Edited: I later noticed, that a part of that Windows Update apparently was a new "Wacom Two Finger Touch" driver. Might that have to do with my disappeared Trackpoint?




PS.: Boy - is this annoying to have to work without Trackpoint! 

Punch Card
Posts: 34
Registered: ‎09-15-2009
Location: Switzerland
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False alarm!

[ Edited ]

I just had to learn that there is a Fn-key (F8) that allows to enable/disable Trackpoint and Touchpad. I must have accidentally operated that button without noticing (in fact, I hadn't even known before that there IS such an option...).

Its setting was on "Touchpad only". After re-enabling the trackpoint there everything came back to normal.


Wheew. What a relieve! :-)


And it (most probably) had nothing to do with the Windows Update - just an unlucky conincidence!



Posts: 9
Registered: ‎12-09-2011
Location: US
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Re: False alarm!

This is a recurring issue for the two X220T that I own and I am fairly certain it is not related to an errant FN-key F8 combination.  It is noted most often after waking the computer from a sleep state.


I was glad to learn of the Fn F8 fix.  Prior to that deleting the registry hive in HKEY Current User corresponding to the glidepad was the work around for me.


Does anyone have a permanent fix rather than a work-around to this problem?