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Upgrade Video card X220 Tablet

How can I upgrade video card Intel of X220 tablet to a faster graphic card? Which model is beast, I'll Photoshop CS6.




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Re: Upgrade Video card X220 Tablet

You can't upgrade the integrated graphic card of laptop, the only way to have a better graphic performance is to buy a X230t, or another way is to use external graphic card through PCI express slot. In that case, all you need is a graphic card for PC and a Vidock, which hold the graphic card and can be connect to both power source and your laptop.

If you do it like that, the graphic card is like a USB device that you can unplug whenever you like.

The link to Vidock is here:

Instruction to install the hardware on X220 tablet:
Punch Card
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Re: Upgrade Video card X220 Tablet

If you're suggesting greater resolution / DPI... then Ttran already told you best.

If you're talking about the way Photoshop applies effects and need to optimize your box since the GPU has little to do with how Adobe applications task the CPU when applying layers and effects.
If disabling services and minimizing disk activity still doesn't load and execute CS6 or any other version of Adobe to your liking, you should consider an SSD to eliminate the final bottleneck (assuming you're already at max RAM).
Case in point, I run CS4 on an old X41t with just 1.5GB of RAM but it's equipped with an mTron Mobi and can load CS4 Illustrator and PS simultaneously.
I can simultaneously execute PS CS5.5, PS CS 6.0 along with Illustrator and CS4 Premier on an x200t with an older Intel-X25m and 4GB of RAM and with only mild latency even when compiling a Premier movie in the background and applying layered color effects in PS.

The Adobe suite is CPU intensive when applying effects and RAM intensive at rest especially with PS because it has practically unlimited undo effects that aren't efficiently "paged" to a temp file but vacuum up RAM. All Adobe applications greedily allocate systems resources regardless if PC or MaC and on every OS version to maintain a consistent user experience. Adobe doesn't claim to allocate those resources efficiently and offers little guidance on how to optimize their application, but my firm uses Adobe and 3D graphic design applications intensively and I'm sharing the benefits of my hard won experiences.

If you're in need of greater DPI, consider creating a customized workspace and use the included Essentials space to thin down your menu panels since the tool menus is thin enough already.

A great and simple way to optimize any version of PS, is from the Preferences / Performance menu, stipulate a lower amount of RAM PS is allowed to devour and reduce the history states (undo) from the default "GoDrillion" Adobe seems to prefer to just 5 history states and two cache levels. That is just as cheap and fast as high octane gasoline.

Installing Creative Suite of any version onto a bigger system won't improve your startup cycle, and doesn't render dramatic performance improvements because CS will just greedily vacuum up the same percentage of system resources based on the systems overall horsepower.

Let us know what happened,and share your solutions so others may benefit from our experiences. "It doesn't really matter what kind of computers I own since right now the conversation is about the problems on the computers that YOU OWN!" -Mark Twain
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