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Upgrading HD

The factory drive in my X60T was rather small.  I purchase a larger one from Lenovo, along with the carrier to plug it into the DVD slot on the docking bay.  I would like to switch the smaller internal drive with the new, larger one so that I can carry around more storage space.  How can I do that and retain all of the software, files, settings, etc. from the factory drive?  Since most of the software came pre-installed, I do not have discs to reinstall everything on the new, larger drive.
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Re: Upgrading HD

There is the backup utility with which you can back up your whole drive, but i'm not sure if that includes all the software (and making it possible to recover all the software rather than having to reinstall it all) ... 


I'm interested to know about this.   .....Anyone?

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Re: Upgrading HD

Best way to insure you have the same settings is to use boot off an alternate device or disk and run a disk-to-disk binary copy (assuming you can connect your new drive temporarily).   
Full disclosure: Not a Lenovo employee, just someone with a X61 running Win XP SP2

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