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What's DOS?
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Video Resolution questions for X61 Tablet

I'm considering upgrading to an X61 tablet but in browsing through the lenovo site I can't find any data on supported resolutions for the display card. Specifically, I currently have a Thinkpad R50p that I dock and connect through a DVI connector to a 21" monitor at 1920x1200. I'm trying to find out if the X61 will support that resolution (indeed I'm not sure if the X61 dock includes a DVI connection)...
Any info would be much appreciated!
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Re: Video Resolution questions for X61 Tablet

Hi srotstein, welcome to the forum.
According to the data sheets the X61 tablet will support up to 2048 x 1536.
The X6 Ultrabase does not have an DVI connection.



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Re: Video Resolution questions for X61 Tablet

I use my x61 with a widescreen 22" flat panel at 1680x1050 via VGA. I also have the same panel plus another identical monitor connected to my workstation/server via DVI.
At any rate, I'm very satisfied with my configuration minus my ability to connect the x61 to both flat panels. I'm in the process of reviewing hardware solutions to fix this issue. If only MaxiVista didn't have its Vista incompatibility issues.  Smiley Sad
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What's DOS?
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Re: Video Resolution questions for X61 Tablet

Thanks very much for the reply. Are there any known ways to use a DVI connection with the X61? In my experience, at the higher resolutions (1920x1200) the image quality through regular VGA connection is noticeably lower (at least in my Dell 21" monitor)...
Thanks again!
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Re: Video Resolution questions for X61 Tablet

You might want something similiar to this: .  These things stream video files from your computer's hard drive, not actual video from your video card, as far as I know.  According to this wikipedia article, DVI actuall has a data transfer rate around 1.65 Gb/s for DVI's maximum resolution at 60 Hz refresh rate.  The PCI express Ethernet card in the X61 tablet is 1.0 Gb/s, and the Intel 965 GMA says it can handle DVI, though I don't know if Lenovo uses a variety of the GMA that doesn't do DVI or if they just don't use that capability.

If you look hard enough, someone might have engineered something that could do what you want, but I don't know of any products that do it.
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