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Paper Tape
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Vista ex. boot/ logon issues after installing patches on a x61 tablet

I'll give you a little back story before outlining the problem.

 I've always had issues with this laptop. Mainly just annoyances but minor issues. For example, if I ever but the machine to sleep, the wireless would not wake up by itself. I had to run the vista nettwork troubleshoot and manually have to turn it on . So the wireless thing happened to me today and I asked myself if a patch would fix it. So i went to update the unit and it said there were 13 updates... so I figured why not? right?


Anyway after those patches were installed, Vista boots, but when I log in, all i'm presented with is a black screen and a pointer. No start menu, no background, nothing other than those two things. Now i can still run applications using the ctrl+shift+esc keyboard shortcut key to bring up the task manager and start a new task from there but I don't get any wireless now or bluetooth


 Does anyone have any ideas? I'd rather not re-image the thing if possible.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vista ex. boot/ logon issues after installing patches on a x61 tablet

Heh. Some of us X200T folks are having the same problem.



X200 Tablet blank screen after Vista 64 initial startup symbol appears


Log-in fails after October 2009 ThinkVantage updates


Are you using Vista 64 like us?


It didn't occur to me to launch apps through the task manager although I guess that's not exactly a great way to go through life. Smiley Tongue

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