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Paper Tape
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Walk-through of Pen Functionality

Hey guys,


Is there a walk through of pen functionality and mulitouch functionality somewhere? I saw a youtube video of pen tricks for th 220T. But is there some sort of official insturctional video or pdf expaining all the features specifically with a multitouch and pen screen?


Thanks folks!


Punch Card
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Re: Walk-through of Pen Functionality

You can find excellent videos on Jesse B. Andersen site.


Go to


Then use the tags on the bottom of the page.


I have not found a better reviews on the Web, including tips and tricks for using tabletpc's



Punch Card
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Re: Walk-through of Pen Functionality

Thanks for the link, but I have 2 huge ads covering up text. Which tags for these videos? He might increase page views if his web page was updated and the ad location changed.