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Blue Screen Again
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Want to buy the X201t, but... Help! (screen, RAM, case)

Sorry, I'm new to the world of Tablet PCs (and most computer stuff in general), so I want to figure out everything before I make my purchase of the X201t.


I originally wanted to buy the SuperBright Outdoor Screen. However, I noticed that it is no longer available on the website...

1) Why is it not available?

2) Will it be available at a later date?

3) If you have an X201t (without the SuperBright Screen, no multi-touch), how does it compare? How is the relection, fingerprint smudging, wide-angle viewing, and visibility in sunlight?


I would be using my X201t as an art machine. As such, it would need a lot of RAM. However, I'm thinking of buying the X201t with 2GB RAM and adding more later. (purchased elsewhere) It's my 1st time, so I'm not sure how...

1) How do you add RAM to the X201t?

2) How much RAM can be added?

3) What type of memory card must I use?

4) Will it increase the weight?


I'd like to buy a good case to carry my X201t. I want to carry it everywhere for art. I live in Portland, where the weather is always rainy. Any recommendations?



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Re: Want to buy the X201t, but... Help! (screen, RAM, case)

SCRN: Sometimes they change, depending on whats available within a reasonable shipping time. Its insanely bright for a small machine, but does have a glossy display so yeah, itll smudge like crazy. RAM: two screws on the bottom of the machine, up to 8gb currently (2x4gb sticks), get PC 10666 or 8500 204 pin sodimm. CASE: Lenovo sells a thinkpad case specifically for the tablet that lets you use it in tablet mode (full access while zippered in). Check out sfbags if you want custom made cases.
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