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Warranty issues regarding bezel and hinge problems


I bought my computer in the US but i am currently living in Portugal. The reason i am posting i about a 7767 still under warranty that has given me lots of problems and even more with the warranty service provided in Portugal. I noticed from the early days that the bezel came a bit appart whenever switched to portrait mode. This has agravated and i started to get worried about the dust entering to the screen. I then went to the certified warranty representative in Portugal and they said they didn't know about any known problems with bezel and preemptively implied abuse. As if that wasn't enough i had to sign  paper stating that if they deemed user abuse i had to pay just for the initial budget. The next day they called me saying that a part on the inside that supported the screen had to be removed because it was affecting the wires for the fingerprint reader.  Even this was not done correctly because they removed the offending piece and didn't reconnect the fingerprint reader leaving it inoperative. They also left an opening mark on my screen that wasn't present before. This can be attested by the paper stating the machine state before depositing to IBM. Finnaly they deemed it user abuse and wanted to charge me the budget and pieces. 


My screen was in flawless cosmetic shape and i can show it by pictures. I am about to make a formal complaint to both the IBM in Portugal and also the Consumer Comission in Portugal but i also want to hear other opinions.


There is a very similar case to mine here:

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