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Punch Card
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What do you use your X200 tablet for?

I'm in the market for a new notebook, and I've really become enamored with the X200 tablet. Well, actually it was the X301 that first caught my eye, but it's just not fully-featured enough for me. Too bad, as I really liked the weight and the WXGA+ on a 13.3" display.


Anyway, I'm a Windows applications developer, and I'm trying to determine the X200 tablet's suitability for my needs. As a programmer, I can always make use of additional display resolution, but I've simulated some WXGA screenshots on a 12.1" display, and I'm thinking it could work for me.


I'd appreciate it if others could chime in here with what they use their own X200 tablet for on a regular basis and how well it performs and displays those tasks.




Punch Card
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Re: What do you use your X200 tablet for?

Hi Rich,


I use my X200 Tablet for everything and cannot say enough good things about it. I wear many hats right now Director of IT, Student, and believe or not I take it to church. I take my tablet everywhere! Currently I'm taken a Marketing class and DB design class and use it for notes and for MS Access running on windows 7 BETA. I have owned the all the X series tablets since the x41 which still run. Some of the problems I run into with DB design is the smaller screen but really it is not a huge factor because I'm in class when I'm at work I use the dock with 24" widescreen. I take my tablet to meetings, give presentations, and use it in place on my desktop.


The only thing I would caution against is the process power for your type of development. For example it does not encode video as fast as a desktop but it can do it better than other notebooks in it's class. If you need speed and screen size try the W700 series with WACOM digitizer pad.



What I like most about the X series tablets is it's lightweight portability, performance, wireless options, and durability. I have download 50 eBooks, several text books, and read the electronic versions of eweek and love the annotate on them. If fact my wife makes fun me when I take it to the bathroom for reading materials. I can say that the tablet has changed the way I function in daily life. My wife is a Direct of IT as well and I finally got her to use a tablet with the same results. 


The last point I would to make is with Windows 7 BETA and the tablet functionality, it great. For the first time I can almost chat online writing just as fast as typing. I also showed the professor that I could create table in MS Access using the pen. Like said before it has made a huge difference in what I do. I know I sound like a salesman but if take the time learn the tablet then you understand what I mean and will never use a Clam shell laptop again.

Paper Tape
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Re: What do you use your X200 tablet for?

I need to know more about new features that would work with Win 7: like multy-touch, and more. Thanks!Smiley Happy
Paper Tape
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Re: What do you use your X200 tablet for?

dnevis-hey there, I'm also an IT guy PT at two jobs while finishing up my BS in business.  I use my X61 tablet for school, work, and organizing my personal life.  I'd love to talk more to you about how you use your X200 if you wouldn't mind.  It always helps me get ideas of things I can use mine for.  My email is if you wouldn't mind.  I might have some ideas or things you could use too?
Punch Card
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Re: What do you use your X200 tablet for?

multitouch in Win 7 is not going to work with TP's.  Lenovo has not yet released a true multitouch screen - i.e. can use two fingers to screen gestures like shrink zoom, and expand.

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