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Why is the X220t so thick and heavy?

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For the record, I'm not complaining. I'm a proud X220 laptop owner, and a minor Thinkpad enthusiast. After long research, I bought first an x100e and now an X220, for the build quality, reputation, and in the case of the X220, for the unparalleled battery life and IPS screen.


But I was considering the X220t. In the end, a sale price got me, but the one pound heavier and, thicker, and cannot accomodate a 9-cell.


The truth is I might still get that tablet, but I was hoping the community or staff could comment on just what makes the convertible tablet so much heavier and thicker than a regular laptop. The glass cover and touch layer can't be that heavy. Is the swivel hinge big and clunky enough to add one pound? Is it about making room for the pen? Is there extra ruggedizing? What is it?


Unflattering angle:

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Re: Why is the X220t so thick and heavy?

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That side angle one is with the 24-hour (or so) "slice" battery attached to the bottom...


From what I can tell, the regular battery fits in the bottom like other laptops (without the side overhang like on my x200t).


But you're talking about weight. I dunno. I have an older tablet model (x200t) which I would assume is probably even heavier. Compared to my old 15" T42 it's definitely lighter, though. :-P But of course the screen is much smaller, the overall laptop is smaller, and it lacks the DVD drive, so I dunno. Compared to other brands I think they're a bit heavier because there is more metal in the case, perhaps?


Just a thought.

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