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Paper Tape
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Wireless makes internet slow

Hi I have a X61 Tablet, and when trasnferring data over the internet, over the wired network I get about 17Mbit/sec, but when I use the the wireless connection I only get about 13Mbit/sec. I am connected to the access point on the 5GHz band at 300Mbit accoring to my computer. The access point is an Apple AirPort Express.


Any help would be apperciated Smiley Happy


.. Mads M. Hansen

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Re: Wireless makes internet slow

First of all, that's about 2MB/s for wired and 1.5MB/s for Wifi. I don't know if those are downloading or uploading, but with those figures, they are quite great. Throughput over the internet is depending on your ISP or package as well. Could you do speedtest to check how fast your internet is really? with, for example.


However, if those figure are the throughput over the internal network, that is an issue for sure. You may have to give more info about what files are you transfering and where to? so we could help more.

Paper Tape
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Re: Wireless makes internet slow

Hi, those figures I gave are actual download figures, both my ISP's speed test and are consistent. When I measure my speed, the download speed is consistenly 4 Mbit slower when I connect to the internet though the wireless adapter. However the upload speeds are up to spec at an actual speed of around 1.7Mbit.


I have tested the speed from my my laptop computer (over wireless) to the LAN and only get around 12.96 Mbit.


.. Mads

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