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Blue Screen Again
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Wish to get X220 Convertible Tablet Fingerprint Reader

Hi everyone, this is my first post/question.  

I am hoping someone can tell me that it is possible to add on the fingerprint reader that was optional at the time of purchase of my X220 Convertible Laptop/Tablet.  I foolishly assumed (as I've never needed/wanted one before) that I had no use for the fingerprint reader.  It occurs to me, however, after many logins at the windows screen, every single time the computer comes back from sleep, that it would be very useful and convenient.  I am regretting having decided not to get it (it was only $20, so it was really stupid not to).

Any information would be helpful, but if adding the reader is possible, a part number would be great.  I appreciate any help you may be able to give me, and thank you for reading, and especially if you reply!


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Wish to get X220 Convertible Tablet Fingerprint Reader

I have no idea if it can be done or not.  My advice would be to call Lenovo directly and ask them.  It may be that it can be added, but not by the end user, because it looks like the bottom piece of plastic on the screen would need to be changed and I doubt that is considered to be a user serviceable part.  So, even if it can be done, you might have to take it to a Lenovo service center to get it done.  If I were you I wouldn't kick myself that much if you are only worried about windows logins.  The primary reason I got mine was to use as an access point to an eWallet type program that contains credit cards, passwords, etc.  There is a program that ships with the machine that is supposed to work for finger swipe type web site logins.  However, I have some concerns.  I haven't been able to find any good documentation on it for things like exporting the data to be used by another program, transferred to a new computer, or just exported to text to go back to the old way of typing things in.  I just don't want to get locked into a specific program and if I can't export everything to at least text, it means that I will need to keep copies of everything somewhere else, which kind of defeats half of the purpose.  Anyway, I hope things work out for you and that others respond.

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