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What's DOS?
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Wrong wirless card installed at factory?

Working on a new tablet that gives the following error: unauthorized network card is plugged in - power off and remove the miniPCI netowrk card (0DBD/1926)

The FRU presently installed is 60Y3297, but it comes up as invalid for this unit. Which FRU should be installed in this configuration?


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Re: Wrong wirless card installed at factory?

Hi bgracie,


What model are you asking about?  It's tough to give you an exact answer without knowing the model.


According to the Parts List for the X230 Tablet, for example, the 60Y3297 card should work.


Page 35 in the X230 Tablet Hardware Maintenance Manual shows that error code as being for either the MiniPCI card or a system board problem:


I know you said it was new.  Have you used the tablet successfully before?

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Re: Wrong wirless card installed at factory?

Is there an error number 1802 preceding the error message ?

If it is, then yes, you certainly have an "incompatible / un authorized" adapter.

Whatever or whoever resulted in the adapter being installed is a mystery itself.


Are you certain the system was sent to you directly from Lenovo (or IBM if it was purchased as a Certified Used laptop) and wasn't tampered with by any other 3rd party or intermediary reseller ?


The 1802 error messages are an entire and lengthy conversation itself that stokes emotions in some about the practice of whitelisting the BIOS.


The conversation will continue indefinitely even if Lenovo halted the practice tomorrow since there will always be a healthy 2ndary market of famously durable and sturdy used ThinkPads relevant to the 1802 restriction.

Let us know what happened,and share your solutions so others may benefit from our experiences. "It doesn't really matter what kind of computers I own since right now the conversation is about the problems on the computers that YOU OWN!" -Mark Twain

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