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What's DOS?
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X 61 - Windows Vista Very slow - What are some suggestions ?


Ive got a X 61 Tablet PC. Ive Windows Vista Business Installed and it is extremely slow on my machine. What can I do ?

- Possible options that I have I guess is

        - Upgrade RAM

        - Switch to the older version of Windows XP ? (Is that possible ?)

Trying to get a feel for which would be cheaper for me to do.


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Re: X 61 - Windows Vista Very slow - What are some suggestions ?

jayanth welcome to the forums!



There may be many reasons why your system is much RAM  does your system has?Do you use large number of programs on your system?


You can find more information regarding downgrading to windowsxp from this link  .

downgrading to windows is at your sole discretion  depending upon your requirments.




Cheers and regards,
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Paper Tape
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Re: X 61 - Windows Vista Very slow - What are some suggestions ?



I have the X61 tablet, and I found the machine slow when I first got it, and that was with 2gb of ram!  However, if you upgrade to 3gb of ram, you should find performance improves drastically, as that's what I found in my case Smiley Happy


Hope that helps,



Token Ring
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Re: X 61 - Windows Vista Very slow - What are some suggestions ?

Couple of options:


1) Install more RAM.  If you are using a 32-bit OS you should have 3GB, if you have a 64-bit OS I would recommend 4GB.


2) Re-install Windows Vista using a clean method.  Cutting down on the number of processes that boot automatically can be very beneficial.  You will need an actual Vista disk for this (Lenovo recovery disks are not a "clean" install).


3) Try Windows 7 RC (available here).  This should give a substantial speed improvement without losing out on the improvements to the tablet experience made in Vista.


4) If all else fails, buy an SSD.  These help the "felt" performance more than any other upgrade.  You can get a 64GB Samsung MLC SSD (same type Lenovo uses) for $133 on right now.  In addition, this is also vibration immune and thus a great choice for a Tablet PC.