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Paper Tape
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X200 Problem, No Customer Support?

So I first contacted Lenovo when I received my computer on Tuesday, January 25. I noticed it wasnot a multitouch computer, as it was supposed to be. The representative I spoke to agreed that it was indeed supposed to be a multitouch, so they arranged for a box to be sent to my home for me to send the computer in. The box arrived on Friday, January 28, and I sent it off via UPS that same day.


The next week I received a call from the Lenovo technical center, indicating that there was no record the computer was supposed to be a multitouch. I then had to track down the invoice from the original purchase to proove that the computer was indeed supposed to be a multitouch. Once I did that, I was contacted by another Lenovo representative, Dan xxxxx, who told me the process to fix my computer was underway. Shortly after, he gave me a new number from the customer relations department and a new case number.


Well, here we are. Weeks later and I'm still waiting for my computer. I've tried repeatedly to get in touch with Dorris xxxxx, but still I just get her message (of course she calls and leaves a message while I'm in class, but if I try to call her back 30 minutes later there's no response) that the part is out of stock but that they should be resolving the problem shortly?


Anyway I'm kind of fed up with Lenovo at the moment. I need this computer for schoolwork and can't afford for them to take months to resolve the issue, especially since it's due to their error that the computer didn't have a multitouch screen in the first place. What should I do?



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: X200 Problem, No Customer Support?

That's terrible and certainly the type of scenario that would make me vow to never spend my money with a specifc company again.


Maybe you would be better off communicating via email. That way it doesn't matter so much when you and the rep are free to talk. ...Also, you would have your correspondance documented in case the issue had to be escalated to the next level.

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 Problem, No Customer Support?

That's a good idea and certainly something I'll take into account for future interactions with Lenovo's support department. Fortunately, the issue has been resolved and Lenovo has returned my tablet. Loving the touch screen. However, I've watched some videos of multitouch where people double tap with two fingers to make a number of boxes appear to adjust various settings. I don't have that feature, is it limited to the X201?

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